The 1920s fashion is fast becoming the in-thing recently. A lot of people now love to dress up like the 20s for their themed events, and even as an occasional wear. This era’s fashion is quite glamorous, plus you don’t have to go through much hassle to create the look. You should head online to create an authentic 1920s look.

Men’s Suits Fashion in the Early 1920s

In the 1920s, most men embraced suits as their daily attire. The major characteristics of these suits include plaid, stripe and windowpane. And, the favorite colors for 1920s men’s suits include tan and pastel worn mostly in summer. Other popular colors are dark grey, brown and blue.
Virtually all men’s suits in this era featured matching lapel collar and had chain that dangles from inside, as well as a pocket watch. For the dress shirts, uniqueness is the best way to describe them. They often come with pointed or round collar, and were matched with light pastel solids or stripes.

Also, men donned hats on their suit outfit, especially the felt fedora, round bowler, or the classy Homburg. Men typically wore Panama or straw boater in summer. There are many Mob suits you can find online. Men complemented their suits in the 1920s with two-tone Oxford shoes – these were the greatest and latest footwear item back in the days.

Women’s 1920s Fashion

Some of the typical clothing pieces for women in the 20s were long skirts or slightly below the knee skirts. Women also wore blouse and cardigan sweaters during weekends and generally as casual outfits. You can also find 20s dresses, Gatsby dresses, or flapper costumes online.

That’s not all, ladies back in the 1920s were also seen with knickers, argyle socks, button-down shirts, and even tie as well as newsboy cap. Beach pajamas were also common and featured wide-leg palazzo style pants with top to match.
So, go ahead and draw inspiration for your 1920s fashion outfit from the features above.