3 Things for Adults to Enjoy in Florida

When you think of vacationing in Florida with the family, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that magical kingdom that calls to kids from all over the world. But, for you as an adult, the call may not be that strong. So, what can you do while the kids enjoy wearing mouse ears and hobnobbing with princesses? The answer is, a lot. Here are three things you can enjoy with or without the family to make a memorable Florida vacation.

1. Inshore Fishing

Florida has ample fishing opportunities, and there is always an opportunity to try something new, such as inshore fishing ponte vedra. Inshore fishing isn’t the same as offshore fishing. Offshore fishing is also known as deep sea fishing and usually places you far from land. Inshore fishing is done from a small boat, such as a canoe or motorboat, in shallower waters located closer to land. It’s popularity lies in the ability to catch larger quantities of fish. The most desired catches among inshore fisherman include feisty redfish, snook and flounder.

2. Hiking

The sunshine state is large, and though on a map it may appear to primarily be made up of beautiful, sandy beaches, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Florida is a haven for the nature enthusiast. Florida offers many great hiking trails with which to experience its diverse terrain, abundant wildlife and natural beauty.

3. Lighthouses

Florida has 29 lighthouses in existence today which provide stories of the state’s long, nautical history. Many can be visited in public parks and some can even be explored, providing the visitor with amazing views of the largest coastline in the continental United States.

There is so much to do in Florida that can provide great memories and learning experiences for you and your family that it may be hard to go home.