3 trendiest female jackets in 2022

Trends change so fast in a fashion industry that it’s hard to keep up with them – that’s why we’ve prepared this little guide to provide you with a little update. Which jackets should you buy in 2022?

Whether you follow fashion trends or not, you probably realize that the hottest jacket trend of 2021 was the leather coat. It looked great with minimalist outfits and 70-s inspired looks and flattered any figure! We would wear leather jackets in black, beige, brown, and red; short and long, smooth and textured. Some of these leather coats would look like straight out of Mia Farrow’s or Sharon Tate’s wardrobe, while others would resemble the Neo’s from Matrix. 

Nevertheless – this era is over. In 2022, we go for more sporty, quirky models that are practical and versatile. Forget about your elegant trench coat or the wrap coat you’ve been wearing the last season. Which female jackets are worth buying in 2022?

#1 Bomber jacket

The bomber is back – sooner than we’ve expected! It seems like it keeps coming back every decade in slightly modernized form. In 2022, you can wear it with an elegant dress, jumpsuit, or a T-shirt – everything is allowed! The trendiest bombers are punky, covered with patterns, shiny, and half-transparent. Don’t go for the most popular model in the previous decade – the one imitating the American rugby team jacket. Search for bombers that combine casual cut with elegant details.

#2 Vintage sporty jacket

Sporty is the new sexy – especially if you pair it with vintage aesthetics! Many famous sports brands, including The North Face, have introduced vintage-stylized clothes to their 2022 collections. Stand-up collar, patchwork structure, pastel colors – that’s what makes a perfect sporty coat in 2022! A waterproof jacket can look stylish as well!

#3 Sherpa coat

This season we all seriously fell for the fluffy coats! They’re warm, look cute, and make a great combination with both casual outfits and more elegant ones. You can wear them with flowy dresses to create an interesting contrast. They look great in black, beige, and brown but also pink or red. If you want to bring your comfort to the next level, a sherpa coat will be a great match! We recommend getting a model made with wool – maybe alpaca or merino for extra fluffiness.

The objective in 2022 is to enjoy the freedom we’re getting back after the long pandemic time and not worry too much about the rules! So let your imagination run wild and create combinations that will bring you some positive energy.