4 Best Restaurants in Indonesia

It would be best if you tried various regional culinary specialities on a trip. Various foods indeed can be enjoyed while you’re on vacation, especially in Indonesia. Starting from the meilleurs restaurants ubud to other food menu choices.

Every tourist area in Indonesia has a variety of restaurants with various menus to choose from. Some even provide both local food and menus from other countries, usually adjusted to local tastes.

4 Best Restaurant Recommendations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country visited by many foreign tourists. So, it is not surprising that there are currently many restaurants serving various Indonesian and international dishes. The following is a list of the best restaurants for your reference:

1. Sundara Restaurant

Sundara is a restaurant located in Jimbaran, Bali. In this restaurant, there are various menus of Asian and Indonesian dishes. So it is very suitable to be visited by foreign tourists who want to enjoy regional specialities.

Sundara Restaurant provides an open-air dining area with stunning beach views. In addition, there are also complete facilities such as valet service, a bar, wheelchair access and a large parking area.

2. Kubu at Mandapa

Kubu at Mandapa Restaurant is located in Bali, precisely in Ubud, Bali. The menu provided is typical European Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant also serves beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, which are international tourists’ favorites.

The facilities also have a large parking area, bar, and free wifi. In addition, visitors can choose seats in an open space to enjoy views of the highlands of Ubud.

3. Bunga Rampai

This restaurant is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta and has been around since 2007. Bunga Rampai is famous for its attractive interior. Using a Dutch-style design and decorated with green plants, this restaurant has its charm.

The menu served is traditional Indonesian dishes from various regions. One of the special menus is Es Bunga Rampai which can only be found in this restaurant. The location is quite strategic and has luxurious facilities.

4. Kesuma Restaurant

Kesuma Restaurant is located in Yogyakarta City, in the Mantrijeron District. Even though the place is not very large, this restaurant has an elegant and simple interior. The visitors will feel comfortable at home when visiting it.

Kesuma Restaurant serves traditional Indonesian dishes, often made into home-cooked meals, so this restaurant is recommended as a culinary tourist destination.

Trying various Indonesian culinary delights is a must-do activity when on vacation. Now, many restaurants provide a variety of dishes in a wide price range. So, which one suits your taste best?