In this high mobility society, everyone wants their motor to be always in top condition. Therefore, checking the motor condition on a regular basis is a need.

If you forget to check the condition of the motorbike on a regular basis, it would not only cause problems on the bike but also your finances. Some motor components might get damaged quickly, and you must immediately replace them with new parts.

Here are 4 easy steps to keep the motor in top condition:

1. Change Engine Oil Routinely

The role of oil is critical to keep the engine components from over-friction so that the engine work remains optimal and the engine components become more durable.

As you ride your motorbike every day, the ability of the oil to lubricate components that rub against each other will reduce. That’s why it needs to be replaced regularly. Choose the replacement oil with oil specifications as recommended.

2. Check Accu Condition

If you feel the battery performance is weak, immediately replace it with a new one. Weak batteries that conduct electricity to the motor could lead to a big problem. If injection motor components do not get electricity as needed, it will make the engine hard to ignite.

One easy way to find out the condition of the battery is through the sound of the dynamo starter. If the sound of the dynamo starter sounds a bit heavy or swing the time it is turned on, it means the battery is having problems.

3. Check tire air pressure

Maintain tire pressure as recommended. Too low wind pressure will make the tire quickly damaged, and the control feels heavy. In addition to causing discomfort when driving, fuel consumption is also wasteful.

Wind pressure should not be too high because it would damage the steering component quickly. Your rides would become uncomfortable because the tires feel hard.

4. Keep the Motor Clean

Everyone wants to make their motorbike look new. A clean and well-maintained motor makes the motor components more durable.

With the 4 easy steps above, your motorbike will remain in prime condition and ready to accompany your daily activities wherever you go. However, if your motorcycle is damaged and cannot be repaired, you can buy a new one only at the Wheels Motorcycles dealer. Currently, Moto Guzzi for sale at an affordable price. Get it only at Wheels Motorcycles.