4 Recommended Tourist Destinations on Bintan Island

Bintan Island is very famous with the nickname Bintan Island best beaches because it is very famous for its beach tourism. However, there are still many other recommended tourist destinations on Bintan Island that you can enjoy for a tour.

This article will discuss several tourist destinations other than beaches which you can enjoy or visit while on Bintan Island.

  1. Panglong Tourism Village

The first recommended tourist destination that you can visit on Bintan Island is Panglong Tourism Village. This tourist spot has very unique attractions like the presence of traditional Bintan Island houses such as charcoal houses.

The charcoal house itself is a house used by the Sea Tribe to produce charcoal for their daily needs. You can visit Panglong Tourism Village in Berakit Village, Kab. Bintan, Riau Islands.

  1. The Temple of the 1000 Faces Statue

The second recommended tourist destination that you can visit while in Bintan Island is the Temple of 1000 Faces Statue. In this location, you can see statues of Buddha’s disciples that have different expressions, poses, and forms.

The number of statues is also very fantastic, amounting to 500 statues. All of these statues were made by an artist who came from China. This temple is located on Jl. Asia Africa Km.14, Tanjungpinang, Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago.

  1. Mount Bintan Waterfall

The third recommended tourist destination on Bintan Island is the Mount Bintan waterfall. This waterfall has a height of approximately 300 meters. Although not very high, this waterfall has its own charm.

The Mount Bintan waterfall spot is also a place to stop or rest for climbers who want to climb Mount Bintan. This tourist location is located in Bekapur Village, Kec. Teluk Bintan, Kab. Bintan, Riau Islands.

  1. Bintan Day Spa Packages

The fourth recommended tourist destination which shouldn’t miss is Bintan day spa package, where you can enjoy full-body massages and treatments such as body massage, antioxidant booster, and other treatments.

After circling Bintan Island, enjoying this treatment will release all your tiredness and fatigue from physical exhaustion too. So, it will be very suitable and relaxing to visit a salon that provides this treatment at the end of your travel time.

However, because many tourists are interested in this treatment, make sure to make a reservation in advance so you won’t be disappointed and get the service when you arrive at the salon.

Besides offering beach tours, Bintan Island also offers several other tours that you can try and visit when traveling on Bintan Island with your partner or family like the list mentioned above.