4 Things to Do With Kids in Siesta Key

Are you a parent looking for an ideal family vacation destination?  Look no further than Siesta Key, a paradise off the coast of Florida. Located near Sarasota, this barrier island is one of the most beautiful vacation getaways in America. It has plenty of entertainment options, too. Here are four things to do with kids in Siesta Key.

Play Mini-Golf 

Image via Flickr by thetejon

Kids love Putt-Putt and other similar miniature golf courses. They especially enjoy ones that have child-friendly themes. At Smugglers Cove Adventure Mini Golf, kids get to feel like they’re living the pirate lifestyle. Holes run through coves, waterfalls, and pirate ships.

You’ll even encounter live alligators, as the courses have feeding areas. Kids can tie food to sticks and drop it into the alligator pit. They’ll delight in seeing the gators fight for this food. Smugglers Cove is a Florida franchise with several locations in tourist areas. It’s a perennial winner for Best Mini-Golf in these areas due to the cleverness of the courses. Your kids will love it so much that they won’t want to leave.

Watch Spring Training Baseball

Obviously, this suggestion is seasonal in nature. Should you visit in late February or March, you’ll have a chance to see the Baltimore Orioles play. Nearby Sarasota, Florida, is the Spring Training home of the O’s. The team plays approximately 20 home gamers per year at Ed Smith Stadium.

By taking your kids to a game here, you’ll teach them about the timeless beauty of America’s pastime. Even better, you’ll show them the relaxed atmosphere of Spring Training, when the games don’t count. Players are much looser during the spring. You have a much better chance of getting autographs from your favorite Orioles during Spring Training. Sometimes, players even sign during the game!

Hang Out in the Village

The thriving part of the island is Siesta Key Village. You’ll discover more than 75 shops and restaurants here, many of which have child-centric activities. You can take your kids out for hot dogs and ice cream, let them play boardwalk-style arcade games, or let them shop for novelty items.

Your children can spend countless hours in the village without getting bored. As such, you’ll want to select a great Siesta Key hotel on Hotel Planner, preferably one close to the village. That way, your kids won’t have to walk far to find entertainment.

Learn about Nature

Siesta Key is an island with an impressive number of birds and fish on display. You don’t even need to go out of your way to see some of them. They’ll just hang out on the beach or in the water. When you want to show your children the more majestic creatures, however, you should head to Point of Rocks.

This part of the city has a reputation as a snorkeling haven, but it’s also a great place to see dolphins, manatees, and cranes. When you visit Point of Rocks, you’ll enjoy many of the same benefits of a zoo visit, only you’ll have sand in your toes.

Siesta Key is a wonderful vacation spot. You and your children will have a wonderful time enjoying these four activities and many more options in this popular tourist destination.