Location of meeting room

One of the important factors that need to be considered before renting a meeting Rooms bangkok. Of course, you do not want to make it difficult for participants who will attend the meeting, right? By choosing a location that is too far away will make the participants feel lazy to attend the meeting. Easiness to reach the location during the traffic jams must be considered. If participants have difficulty accessing the meeting location, this will consume participants’ time and make them arrive late so the event can be delayed and inefficient.

Consider Budget

The company’s financial staff or business people usually allocate a special budget to rent meeting rooms. For that, when choosing a meeting room you should try to choose a room below the existing budget. You can find price references by comparing the price of several meeting room providers. After that, decide wisely after seeing the location and facilities provided.

You need to ask for additional costs in detail that might be added if you use certain facilities during the event. This method will prevent you from experiencing the problem of exceeding the estimated costs that have been determined. Make sure the price and all fees paid are as stated in the booking agreement for the meeting room. To get a quality meeting room with an affordable budget, Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 meeting room can be the right choice.


Facilities are also important to note because they support the success of the event to be held. You need to make a detailed list of facilities needed then discuss it with the room provider. Don’t forget to ask the meeting room provider whether they provide drinking water, loudspeakers, blackboards, projectors or other facilities. If there are facilities that are not provided by the space provider, you must find a place to rent equipment that is still needed.

Number of participants

Participants who will attend the event also need to be considered. Meeting rooms for office employees can be not too expensive. But if the meeting will also be attended by important people such as the board of directors and directors, usually the company uses a more luxurious meeting room. Also, the capacity of the room is important to be adjusted to the number of participants.

Space that is too wide with a small number of participants will only cost too much. Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 meeting room can be a reference. Its strategic location and complete facilities make this meeting room suitable for various purposes.

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