5 of the Best Attractions in Asia

Do you want to go for a vacation around Asia? Vacation seems to be a necessity for most people in this modern era. Many factors contribute to high interest in holidays, especially for people who live in busy and populated urban areas that become a daily routine.

Usually, the workers use their annual leave to simply relax while looking for a new atmosphere. In addition, holidays also have the benefit of finding new experiences that you certainly will not be able to find anywhere else. Well, if you are planning for a vacation, here are 5 best tourist attractions in Asia as your reference;

1. Jeonju, South Korea

Jeonju is a traditional village, the origin place of one of the most popular foods in South Korea, Bibimbap. Jeonju is proof that South Korea, which in fact is one of the developed countries in Asia, has managed to juxtapose modernity and tradition. This well-preserved traditional village is the pride of South Koreans.

2. Yangon, Myanmar

Coming next, Yangon. Yangon is one of the cities in Myanmar that has a lot of cultural tourism. For example, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the biggest 2500 years old golden temple. There is also Chinatown, the Arabian complex, night markets, and many more. You don’t need to worry about accommodation; there are many 5 Star Hotel Yangon. One of them is Novotel Yangon Max.

3. Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya City, located in the Northeast India region, has natural beauty, historic buildings, and cultural diversity that are very unique and beautiful. The city of Meghalaya is also famous for its extremely high rainfall, so it can be ascertained that the city is always wet. Here is located the cleanest village in the world, the village of Mawlynnong. The purity of the village is proven to be even more beautiful with a waterfall surrounded by magnificent greenery and flowers.

4. Taitung, Taiwan

The next best tourist attractions in Asia are located in the country of Taiwan. Of the several choices of tourist destinations in Taiwan, there is one that you might not know about. That is Taitung, located in eastern Taiwan. Named as a new paradise in Taiwan, Taitung offers an area surrounded by small, beautiful papyrus-colored hills. Taitung also holds different festivals each year, from the Chinese New Year festivals to the giant air balloon festival.

5. Hokkaido, Japan

One of the best tourist attractions in East Asia is Japan. If you want to see the other side of Japan, try heading to Hokkaido. Hokkaido is an island in Japan that should be included in your destination, especially for nature lovers who want a beautiful view with a mountainous landscape. One of the best attractions in Hokkaido is a hot spring called onsen, located hidden behind mountains. Hokkaido offers many beautiful places to visit, including Himawari No Sato or Sunflower Field, a vast land of sunflower garden located in Hokuryu-Cho.