A Tour of Dorset, England: The Best Places to Stay and Things to Do

If you’re looking for a UK holiday destination that offers something a little different, Dorset is well worth considering. This charming county in the southwest of England is home to some beautiful towns and villages, as well as miles of stunning coastline. Whether you’re looking for a seaside break or want to explore the countryside, Dorset has something to offer everyone. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best places to stay and things to do in Dorset.

One of the first things to do when planning a holiday in Dorset is to decide where you want to stay. Dorset is home to a wide range of accommodation options, from camping and caravanning sites to B&Bs and country hotels. If you’re looking for a seaside holiday, there are plenty of caravan parks near the coast which offer excellent value for money. Many of these Dorset caravan parks also have on-site facilities which are ideal for those with young children.  Caravan breaks are a fabulous way to spend time as a family, offering convenient and often lower cost accommodation than many other options.  Holiday parks are often located near the touristy areas, so you won’t ever be too far from things to do and see.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, there are also some excellent country hotels in Dorset. These usually come with a higher price tag but offer a more relaxing and comfortable experience. If you’re planning to explore the countryside, then camping or staying in a B&B may be more suitable. Whichever option you choose, there are plenty of places to stay in Dorset to suit all budgets and preferences.

Once you’ve sorted out your accommodation, it’s time to start exploring what Dorset has to offer. The county is home to several towns and villages, each with their own unique character. Dorchester is the largest town in Dorset and offers a good mix of shopping, culture and history. If you’re looking for a traditional English village, then Sherborne is well worth a visit. This pretty town is home to some excellent restaurants and pubs, as well as several interesting historical sites.

 Dorset also has some stunning coastline which is perfect for a relaxing walk or family picnic. The seaside town of Weymouth is a popular destination, with miles of sandy beaches and plenty of activities on offer. If you’re looking for something more rural, then the village of Abbotsbury is well worth a visit. This charming little town is home to some lovely, thatched cottages and an impressive medieval abbey.

Dorset is also a great place for those who enjoy walking and hiking, as there are plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning countryside. There are numerous camping and caravan sites located in rural areas, so you can really get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet. If you’re not keen on roughing it, there are also several holiday cottages which offer a more comfortable base for exploring the area.

Whatever your interests, Dorset has something to offer everyone. With its picturesque villages, stunning coastline and variety of activities, Dorset is a perfect destination for a UK holiday. So why not consider booking your next break in this charming county?