If noticed, celebrity children wear an object on their neck. The object is none other than a necklace.

Usually, children will wear a necklace with attractive colors, colorful or illustrated by their favorite cartoon characters.But not with these three celebrity children.

Some Netizens also question what they actually use.

The necklace is made of round shaped beads, some are flat.

The grain is black, but it is dominated by brown.

This necklace is not long.

This little boy must have worn the necklace hanging slightly around their neck.

These celebrity children included El Barack, the son of Jessica Iskandar, Gempita anak Gading Marten and Gisela, and Bjorka son of Ringgo Agus and Sabai Morscheck.

It is used at every opportunity.

When at home or away, you can see the necklace hanging around their necks. It turns out that the necklace’s name is the Amber or Amber necklace from to Baltic Proud. The color is brownish yellow and the shape is transparent.

It turns out that amber or amber is made of wood resin that originated millions of years ago.

Viewed from Wikipedia, it turns out that amber can be 30 to 90 million years old.

Amber is often used as an accessory until now the trend is used by babies.

Apparently, the amber necklace serves to reduce the pain in the gums and teeth in toddlers who are in their teeth.

It is common knowledge if the baby will fuss when growing teeth.

According to the Amazon.com site that sells this product, the function of this grain can also prevent inflammation and increase the child’s immune system.

They believe that the analgesic substances in it, called succinate origin, can release heat in the child’s body, so that children are not fussy. But indeed there is no specific research for this necklace.

According to Science Or Not, there are also many people who feel this doesn’t make sense. The price of this necklace also varies, around $ 14.99 to $ 19.99. Sabai Morscheck also said this when he saw his son wearing the necklace. “Since using this, it will be even more fierce. He doesn’t know how to really affect this necklace, but it has just been removed, eh, I’m still fussy again.”