Bangkok’s most interesting tourist spots

Tourist Attractions in Bangkok became one of the favorite places for tourists to see the beauty of the white elephant country. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand which is much in demand by world tourists. This is certainly supported by a variety of tours provided.

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Here are some tours that you can visit in Bangkok.

1. Sanctuary of Truth

One of the tourist attractions in Bangkok and Pattaya which is known as the tourist city is the Sanctuary of Truth. This place is very close to Crescent Moon Beach.

This place is a place that resembles a coolie for a place of worship. This temple was built in 1981 with materials from wood. This temple has many carvings inside.

The carvings in the Sanctuary of Truth tells the stories of the deities of the Buddhist faith.

2. Bangkok Forensic Museum

This museum does look scary because the museum not only stores historical objects but also stores human remains.

Surely it will be a challenge and courage to enter this museum because this museum contains the bodies of babies who have abnormalities. This baby is indeed a real baby that is preserved as a function of knowledge. This museum is in the Siriraj hospital. Not only babies are preserved but various other forensic collections are used for knowledge.

In this museum, you will find various photos of gunshot wounds, autopsy photos, accident victims, murder victims, and other victims.

3. Royal Grand Palace

This spot is one of the tourist attractions that are used as symbols and icons in Bangkok. This building was founded in 1782. This building is the most beautiful in Bangkok.

Before becoming an icon in the City of Bangkok, this building was once inhabited by kings. To get into this building you are sure to use polite clothing and not wear shorts.

4. Dream World

This place is one of the best is for children to play. This tourist attraction is located in the center of Bangkok. Dreamworld is similar to Tokyo Disney land in Japan, it’s just a simpler version.

Even when compared to other playgrounds, there are more rides in Dream World. 

This place has an interesting games that is Snow Land. Here you can play snow and make snowballs. For those of you who want to enjoy the snow can come to the dream world.