Choosing the Perfect Holiday Park to Stay At

More and more people are choosing to purchase holiday homes at designated holiday parks up and down the country, and in some ways it can be just as hard to choose where your ideal holiday home should be as it is to choose where your permanent home should be!  Here are some helpful tips to finding the ideal location for your holiday home in the UK.

The Perfect Location

Do you want to be nearer to the countryside or the beach?  Close to your family home or further away? These are things you will need to think about before narrowing down your choice of holiday parks UK. These questions really boil down to personal taste, but you should take into consideration the opinions of everyone who will be using the holiday home.  A long drive to a remote holiday park in the Peak District might sound idyllic to you, but if you have a young family with toddlers in the car, it might not be ideal!  Children are a key factor in the decision making, as the type and location of the park may need to offer different things as the kids grow up.

We recommend looking for a park which has lots of facilities. The needs of young kids are very different to the needs of older children and teenagers! If you are going to be taking more shorter breaks such as weekends away, rather than spending weeks at a time in your holiday home, the location might not be such a big decision.

The Facilities

There are huge variances in the types of facilities found in different holiday parks across the UK.  Some are more like small towns, with their own shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment areas.  Others are more tranquil, and offer plenty of walking, peaceful vistas and places to relax and get away.  Think about the way you plan to spend your holidays – will you be an active family looking for all the ways you can get out and about?  Perhaps choose a location with a swimming pool, or lots of cycling routes directly from the park.  If you are more of a reading and lounging kind of person, you might want a quieter site which has minimal entertainment put on.

Many parks have access to water sports and feature heavily things like boat trips, fishing and even paddle boarding.  Check what ages can partake in these sorts of activities, as once again, the children may or may not be able to take part.

Whatever you choose, it is important that you spend a bit of time in the different parks so you can make an informed decision about which is best for you.  Try going to visit at different times of the year, and during peak busy times to see how it changes throughout the year.  Before putting the money into buying a holiday home, you should try to get more familiar with the park you are interested in!