Compete Features Yamaha XMax and Honda Forza

The premium 250 cc scooter market is full of players. Manufacturers competing to embed various advantages into their products, not least with wheels that are in Leicester, England Wheels is a dealer of Honda leicester motorcycles that sell a variety of Honda products at affordable prices.

to attract the attention of consumers. Two manufacturers who have filled this segment are Yamaha and Honda. Some XMax and Forza features are not much different. What’s there? Here’s the comparison.

The first feature is luggage under the seat. Can both accommodate two full-face helmets, little room to put items such as jackets or gloves. This is very helpful for the owner, especially when driving quite far. A power outlet that helps maintain driver connectivity with the device. Positioned in the front compartment, the smartphone is store when charged.

Each braking sector uses discs on the front and rear wheels combined with ABS (anti-locking brake system). The combination can optimize the stopping of the vehicle speed and improve driving safety. The lighting system has LED technology on the face and stern. Even equipped with DRL (daytime running light). What distinguishes the design and position of the turn signal in front. XMax buried the signaling component to turn it in the lower wing. Forza is even more interesting because it becomes one with the rearview mirror.

This brings us to the side mirrors. The difference between the two motors is significant. Honda’s motorbike is affix to the body, so it seems more exclusive and luxurious. XMax is still conventional, mounted on the handlebar. Its use has its advantages practicality and cost. Because the design is simple, the official tag is not too expensive and can be removable.

Instrument panel informing the driver about the vehicle, analog, and digital combination. The difference only lies in the design and color choices. If Forza applies blue and white on a multi-information display (MID) screen, XMax prefers transparent black and white.

The smart key feature has own. But, the device that makes it easy for the driver to start the motorbike without the key is complete and fully functional at Honda. Smart keys on XMax and Forza are strengthened by immobilizer and answer back. But the Honda scooter was given an extra anti-theft alarm. Of course, vehicles become safer, avoid theft.

The windshield has the function of protecting the rider from the wind when driving. To accommodate the posture of different people, both give freedom to the rider to adjust the height of the wind protector. But, again Forza is superior to XMax because of applying an electric model, the settings are easier. press the button, the windshield moves up and down itself. Even though XMax still uses manual techniques, this motorbike which only produced 1,000 units has the advantage, the handlebar or the handlebar can be adjust as the desired.

About mileage, it looks like XMax is more dominant. That is support the capacity of the fuel tank. Forza only holds 11.5 liters of gasoline, while XMax is more than 1.5 liters or 13 liters to be exact. That is, the cruising motor that carries the tagline of The Ultimate Pride even further. Also, the availability of more compartments. On the dashboard, there are two, left and right. Well, if only one Honda left.

Driving support devices to prevent slipping tires are available on both of these premium scooters. Only the name is different. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HTSC) is the designation for Forza, the XMax named Traction Control System (TSC). The feature reads the rear wheel rotation. When the rotation is out of sync with the front, the system will immediately correct it by lowering the torque output. Its existence allows this scooter to remain stable invited to maneuver and speed up, especially slippery or wet tracks that risk making the motor slip.

The variety of features can be your reference for choosing a 250 cc premium scooter. Yet, please note, the official tag worn on both of them has a very large difference.