Smiling has many benefits. By teaching children to smile, they can increase their confidence in dealing with various problems. For that, teach children to smile as early as possible. When entering preadolescence, pressure from the peer environment or peer pressure often occurs. Not infrequently also received acts of intimidation or bullying.

When we smile, the part of the brain that regulates happy emotions is activated when we smile. In addition, tips on how to be more confident with your smile reduce stress hormones and increase mood-generating hormones, and lower blood pressure. By smiling, we appear more likable, polite, and competent in the eyes of others.

This is considered reasonable because they have not been able to accept the differences encountered because they are used to everything that is uniform. Children who are considered different will be very vulnerable to pressure that will make their self-confidence low. Whereas at the age of preadolescents, aged around 9-12 years, experience the most vulnerable choices, namely industrial or inferior.

That is, children have begun to be required to find or create the potential that exists within themselves which is called the industrial phase. Meanwhile, if they fail to achieve it, the child will be in a position that is not taken into account or is inferior. They need to develop their potential so that they can produce something that can arouse their self-confidence.

However, peer pressure has become an inseparable part because this is a phase that must be passed to form his identity. Peer pressure can have a different impact on each child, whether it brings them in a positive or negative way. The role of parents is very large in responding to the pressure that comes on their children to have a positive impact. For that, parents need to discuss it and find a way out together. Seeing the scope of potential pressure on pre-adolescents as the virtual world grows, parents must instill noble values ​​from home.

Smiling is considered to be one way to reduce the risk of peer pressure and bullying. A smile is an expression of positive emotions and a form of contact with other people.

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