How to Choose the Right Swiss Watch according to your Style

Swiss watch is definitely the most compelling accessory for men and also for many women. There are so many renowned brands, so many references and models to allow you to choose the one that will fill your needs. There are also so many different tastes and lifestyles! And if you want to know how to adapt the choice of your Swiss watch to your personal style, here are the best tips.

The Perfect Swiss Watch for a Cool City Look

This kind of look is very popular with students and stylish young men in general. If you are among those who have adopted a cool city look, your Swiss wristwatch should be as simple as possible, with a thin and sleek design. To highlight your rather casual urban style, it is recommended to avoid flashy and too shiny watches. If you see that the design is highly sophisticated and ostentatious, it’s not going to do it! Choose a Swiss watch with fine and simple lines. If you are a little concerned about your budget, you can find Swiss watches affordable price on this high end brand’s online store.

The Swiss Watch that will Fit your Smart and Chic Style

For all those working men and women, this type of look remains the best one for the office. And to showcase your beautiful impeccably cut suit, you will also need a smart and elegant luxury Swiss watch. Ideally, the case should be pretty so that it can slide easily under the sleeve of your shirt. The accessory must have a simple dial, a discreet diameter under 40 mm, and a crocodile leather strap for the elegance. Louis Chevrolet proposes many affordable models of this kind of watches at lower prices.

The Right Swiss Watch for Sportswear Lovers

For those who enjoy a sporting lifestyle or who just like to dress jogger pants and sweatshirts with the latest pairs of the most famous sneakers brands, the perfect Swiss watch for you is something light and robust. Why not a plastic model which sweat and water resistant system? It is advised to pick a quartz wristwatch with a rubber strap, and avoid leather bracelets as well as metal dials.

How to Choose a Swiss Watch for an Original Look?

You should never forget that a Swiss watch remains an accessory, which mean that everyone is free to wear it depending on their own fancy. If you are a creative person and want to bring out this aspect of personality through your outfit, there are prestigious watches with artistic prints and extravagant shapes that you can choose from. To better express your style, wear a sober outfit with your creative watch!