Need a place to relax with a nice drink after a tiring day? From bars with great views to bars with a wide variety of cocktails, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste buds with friends.

Hang out at the bar. Perhaps not all Australians are familiar with this social model. By definition, a bar is a place where people from all walks of life gather together and buy drinks.

There are many bars in Melbourne that you can visit as a fun hangout. This metropolitan city has many choices of bars with various choices of atmosphere and interesting themes to suit your taste. Starting from a bar with live music, a classy rooftop bars, to a bar with a casual atmosphere at affordable prices.

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The bar is synonymous with a more cozy and exclusive atmosphere. Certain socialization communities can be formed indirectly in a bar. The bar is also synonymous with a menu of liquor, cocktails, and other types of drinks that are not usually found in public places or cafes.

Historically, the bar was originally developed by the Americans, around the 16th century. Initially, the bar only consisted of a divider made of strong wood, also known as a barrier, literally translated as ‘barrier’. The function of the barrier is to separate between buyers and sellers (barman).

Bar culture is also easily accepted by Australian society because of the nature of Australian society which basically likes to party. Australians have a very high social life, from the lowest social level to the highest social level,

Westerners do go to bars to drink and party, Australians hang out at bars drinking alcohol usually more to socialize, make friends and network.

Function Revolution

However, in its development the bar has undergone a functional revolution.

First, people who go to bars looking for new experiences. They usually go to bars to look for new experiences, new things, or new references, while adding new experiences that include tasting new food or drinks, or just visiting a bar that is indeed new.

The second is people who expect to meet new people and build social networks. They come to bars looking for new networks that can eventually develop into friendships.

In the past the number of bars was not as much as it is now. In the past, the bar was only in one hotel in the Central Jakarta area. Many politicians gathered there. But now bars are not only in hotels, but have spread. Nightlife in Australia never seems to be empty of fans.

Not Just Alcohol

For ordinary people, going to the bar is often identified with consuming liquor. However, given that the classification of bars in Australia is no longer the same as the standard in the west. There is also a bar that is not for drinking.

In fact, the bar does not always function as a place that provides liquor. In a page about hospitality explained about the kinds of bars according to their function.

Among these are places named as ‘bars and restaurants’. The shape and arrangement of this place is like a restaurant. This bar is usually located in a corner of the restaurant which is equipped with entertainment to accompany guests to eat and drink. “The sale of drinks here is also complete, including wine and champagne,” said the author.

The jam also has an espresso bar. This place originating from Italy is found in sea and air ports. Drinks served here are coffee and ice cream.

There is also a so-called public bar. In western countries, public bars are probably the most commonly known. This place is a bar that serves the sale of drinks to the public. Here, the bartender can directly relate to guests while making drinks.


In its development, the bar revolution in the world has been very broad. The bar is no longer a place to just drink liquor. If in the past the bar was associated with a melbourne nightclubs, the bar revolution is now very broad depending on its purpose.

Apart from being related to the social economy function, the bar is also related to the sex business. Bars can be a place for social, economic, political and biological exchanges.

In addition, the bar is also a gathering place for political brokers. They are people who want to ‘goal’ their political goals in order to get big money profits.

If for traditional society the bar is a place to socialize, but now the bar has undergone a revolution in function. So, from the point of view of the people who come to the bar, this confirms that the classification of the bar is ‘individual or collective’, and ‘negative or positive’.