Recommended Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Labuan Bajo

The natural wonders in Labuan Bajo NTT make this tourist spot the most popular tourist destination. Take advantage of its beautiful, unique natural scenery and unparalleled natural panorama! Moreover, the Jakarta Labuan Bajo flight is easy to book and does not take long.

However, there are many choices of exciting and fantastic tourist attractions in the Labuan Bajo area that you must visit. These places are alluring and will keep you from going home soon because their natural beauty is very comfortable.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in the Labuan Bajo Region, NTT

The many popular tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo make this place equally popular. It is not uncommon for foreign tourists to come there. Likewise, Lombok to Gili Islands has always been a tourist favorite destination.

Here are the must-visit tourist attractions in the Labuan Bajo area of ​​NTT:

1. Padar Island

There are no words that can match Padar Island other than the word awesome. The statement about Padar Island is a small piece of paradise scattered on earth is true because of its extraordinary beauty.

2. Lingko Rice Fields

There is no other place like Lingko Rice Fields that looks like a spider’s web. According to the management pattern of traditional land, Lingko Rice Fields are made specially and have circular rice fields.

 3. Pink Beach

Another popular tourist spot is Pink Beach. Many tourists vacation here because of its cool air and beautiful pink beaches. Many activities can be done here, such as swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and many more. What you see and feel while on the beach will satisfy your mind.

4. Kanawa Island

The beauty offered by Kanawa Island is in the form of blue and clear sea-like crystals, exotic coral reefs, stunning white sand beaches, and beautiful scenery. The island and its surroundings are indeed remarkable, and Kanawa Island is the most beautiful tourist destination in Labuan Bajo. This tropical tourist destination will satisfy you.

5. Rangko Cave

Rangko Cave gives an incomparable beauty, which allows for a hidden cave in the earth’s interior filled with salty water that is clear like crystal. Coupled with the stalactites are unique. Rangko Cave is also a recommended tourist attraction in the Labuan Bajo area.

6. Cunca Wulang

Cunca Wulang is an instagenic valley with a very exotic waterfall. Not only is the area relaxed with stunning natural beauty, but taking pictures here will produce stunning and aesthetic photos.

There are many other recommendations for other aesthetic tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo. Make sure to come visit if you are in Labuan Bajo.