Similan Island Tourism, One of the Best Diving Areas in the World

Similan Island or often also referred to as Koh Similan is an island as well as a national park that lovers of snorkelling and diving should not miss. Looks like a calm blue sea with a fine sandy beach that is comfortable to stop off and relax, various surprises will be found below the surface of the sea in a place that is often a favourite destination for this vacation

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 What activities are interesting on Similan Island?


 The sea on Similan Island has many beautiful rocks and clear water. Thousands of fish and shrimp that hide and swim in the reef will be found when you swim at a depth of 10 meters. This island has at least 200 species of coral that have been identified. Some corals that you can often see are brain coral, staghorn, whip, etc. If you’re lucky you will be able to see Napoleon wrasse, a fish that lumps her eyes.


 The best dive point on Similan Island is on the east coast, precisely on Koh Ha (island no. 5) where you will be able to find Anita reef. The currents around the reef are very calm, so you can observe a variety of underwater life complete with soft sand. For diving or scuba diving here, you only need a diving certificate because the location is quite safe and shallow, only about 20 meters.


 Similan Island is not promoted as an island for Climbing, but this activity will not be useless because you will be able to see some interesting natural resources such as canyons and large sedimentary rocks that have existed since 100 million years ago.

 Bird Watching

 Similan Island is home to several rare bird species such as the Nicobar pigeon, blue-tailed tropical bird, sea eagle, and kingfisher. Starting from the goal of bird watching, maybe you can also find other animals such as a variety of butterflies, squirrels, lemurs, bats, flying weasels, hair legs crabs, and mangrove lizards. Sometimes you can also meet monkeys, though the chances are small because they are shy.

 Sunbathing on the beach

 After tired of Snorkelling, diving, hiking, and seeing the nature on Similan Island, lying on the soft white sand of Similan Island can be your choice.