Art Basel

Khan’s I Arrive in a Place with a High Level of Psychic Distress encapsulates this struggle and crystallizes the that means of the kaleidoscopic layers which would possibly be a predominant characteristic of their work. In this photograph, brown arms and legs adorned with silver chains, bracelets, and rings emerge from behind the broken fragments of painted floor tiles. It is a wonderful and violent battle to “arrive in a spot,” but in addition a challenge to the circumstances of raced and gendered visibility that materialize on the terrain of the picture. Work with Ars Electronica’s artists, researchers and designers on the issues of the longer term that most interest your staff and your target groups.

  • The playful eroticism, love of sparkle and shine, and hyper femininity which would possibly be the Swiss artist’s stylistic signatures all resonate with the city’s central place within the fantasy of creating desires come