Flight Ukuleles

He pilots SouthJet Air Flight 227 aboard an MD-88 to Atlanta, which experiences extreme turbulence at takeoff. Copilot Ken Evans takes over whereas Whip discreetly mixes vodka in his orange juice and takes a nap. Just before starting the descent to 22,000 toes, he is jolted awake by a loud metallic bang as the aircraft goes into a steep dive. Unable to regulate the elevators, Whip is compelled to invert the aircraft to maintain altitude. At the last moment, he is able to right the aircraft for a managed belly touchdown in an open area in Clayton County, Georgia, with the plane’s wing shearing off the spire of a church on its last descent. Upon the plane hitting the ground, Whip is knocked unconscious.

  • Although upset, Evans has no intention of telling the NTSB that Whip was drinking.
  • There are a seemingly countless array of destinations to plan low cost