Health is a priceless treasure. Therefore to stay healthy people are willing to do anything. All methods undertaken both of medical and non-medical value, from logical to supernatural nuances, are various attempts by many people from various circles to always be healthy or regain their health.

Often the method used is costly and often even bumps into various norms and logic. But actually maintaining yourself to stay healthy is not difficult, and sometimes also does not require any costs at all. But of course kits need extra patience and patience, because only a few people can stay consistent.

Now, SehatQ will explain How to maintain health so as not to get sick easily is often sought after by those of us who have high activity. Active people are vulnerable to various diseases compared to people who have little mobility. Therefore it is very important for us who are active to pay attention to his health.

Because people who have a busy schedule he will easily get tired. When the body is tired or tired the immune system will weaken, and when the immune weakens, various diseases will be able to enter the body. Even people who are busy with their work will have difficulty in regulating their sleep patterns so that when a person has a small night’s sleep he will be susceptible to various diseases due to lack of sleep. Not only that, people with high activity are often affected by stress where stress is the main cause of various serious illnesses medichine (Obat).

Here are some ways to maintain a healthy body or a healthy way of life that we can make a reference for the body to stay fit and healthy and always happy in living life.

1. Positive Thinking

The purpose of this sentence, if in a person’s soul is healthy (positive thingking) then the body will be healthy. Mental disorders such as stress and depression have been shown to interfere with one’s physical health. For this reason, keep thinking positive and managing your mental condition so that you don’t experience stress that has the potential to disturb your health.

Positive thoughts are very important for our lives and health. Because if we often think badly, bad energy will envelop the body and trigger stress so we have to avoid it.

We also have to stay away from people with negative thought patterns. A positive mental attitude is an important part of healthy living. This certainly makes us unnecessary to approach negative-minded people who will poison our minds with all thoughts that can cause stress that adversely affects your health.

2. Control Stress

Manage emotions well, Do not be easy to get angry, this is very important, because it will deplete the body’s energy and also not good for the heart later. Be a person who is easy to smile and friendly because this is good for yourself and others.

Someone’s feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, disappointment, etc. will be responded to by other organs. Stress experienced by a person can be a trigger for the formation of free radicals in the body, which if left in the long term results in the body being vulnerable to disease.

Therefore, to keep the body healthy we must be able to control the stress we have. Never underestimate this stress disease. Stress that is not treated immediately will turn into depression. Depression is a level of psychological disorder that is more dangerous than stress. People who are depressed can even endanger their own safety. This stress usually appears in the work environment, family environment, social environment or even social environment. To avoid depression it’s good we know how to deal with stress effectively.

3. Know your body language

Fatigue after doing activities or exercising is our body language to convey the message that the body needs rest. Respond to the message by resting your body. We must be aware even for small things, for example eyes that feel sore and runny when working at a computer, it means our eyes are tired and need rest. Don’t force it if you don’t want to experience eye irritation.

Resting is a natural condition that is needed by the body to restore stamina that has been drained. Adequate and regular rest is a healthy key that we must do. Sleep is the best rest, and try to get quality sleep time around 7 to 8 hours per day. Don’t be lacking and don’t overdo it, because even most sleep will lead to disease.

Because many people are affected by the disease because their hours of sleep are haphazard and not quality. Many of them sleep late and wake up too early. The reason for work makes them do an unhealthy lifestyle. After a day of work, our bodies need to rest so that the organs in the body also do not work too hard. There are many illnesses due to lack of sleep that lurk people with insufficient hours of sleep.

And while sleeping, it would be nice if you sleep with the lights off and improve your sleep quality by sleeping without a pillow. Not only at night, sleeping during the day will also benefit our bodies.

4. Maintain your diet

We must be able to maintain our diet, so we don’t leave breakfast and always set our meal. People who can not keep their diet will easily get stomach ulcers. The first symptom of heartburn that will be felt by people who do not have a regular eating pattern is that the stomach feels twisted and often has abdominal pain. To avoid things like that, here are also some tips on maintaining a good diet: