Travel accessories for a dog – what to choose?

Every dog owner knows that travelling with our pet is connected to the need of possessing various things to make it easier. Our dog should be well secured during the transport for its safety, as well as for the safety of other car and road users. It is worth to have additional accessories that will facilitate the care for our pets during the stay. What travel accessories for the dog to choose then?

Essential travel accessories for a dog

The special car-dedicated leash should definitely take its place amongst your travel accessories for a dog. It’s being attached to the harness and to the lower grip, instead of the seatbelt. Thanks to this solution our dog will stay safe during the journey and in case of undesired collision. It will also stay put in its place, not being able to move around the car and therefore not to cause any dangerous situations. Furthermore, being secured that way our dog will have no ability to run suddenly when we open the door and therefore it will not get lost. The seatbelts for dogs are available in many different variants, you may choose the colour and the length is adjustable in order to fit the size of the animal. Another thing you can equip your car with is a special mat that can be mounted to the head restraint.Thanks to this mat the inside of your car will remain clean and protected against e.g. the vomit. These travel accessories for the dog will definitely help you to provide both the pet and its owners with the travel comfort.

Other useful accessories

One should never forget the dog should have free access to the water at all times, no matter where we are. Therefore it’s necessary to have a portable bottle with a bowl amongst our travel accessories for a dog. The bottle is reusable. By pressing the bottle you release the water to run straight to the bowl you offer to your dog. It’s very durable and made of high quality plastic material – highly durable and high temperature resistant.

While planning a trip into the wild, it is worth to have a special glove with rubber bumps at hand. Dogs quite often go crazy being in nature surroundings, running in the grass and mud. The glove will be a perfect solution not only for a dog’s falling hair, but also will help to get rid of dried mud bits or grass that tangled into the dog’s fur. You will have to give your pet a bath at home anyway, but thanks to the glove you’ll be able to protect the inside of your car against the worst mess.