All the people over the world are commonly interested in what’s happening around them. Be it political, sports, entertainment industry, and so on. Our ancestors in years gone by, at a day’s end would, as a community living at close quarters gather together and discuss and share with each other on topics of interest. With the advancement of years and progress made on technology the world got the Radio and TV.

There is absolutely no doubt that these two devices brought about a major breakthrough in keeping people informed and updated on almost everything that was happening locally and around the globe. And currently the Radio and TV keeps broadcasting 24/7- 365 days. Now let’s narrow down to the centre of happening. USA is one country in the world where so much of attention and interest is paid by people. And to exclusively capture all of what’s happening over there is the exclusive App USA TODAY.

Features of USA Today App

USA TODAY will make available the best newsfeed to serve its users and satisfy them personally.

PERSONAL SETTING – by creating customized headline feed will allow automatic notifications to pop as and when news related to this headline topic happen. With this feature the App guarantees nothing will be missed out on the user’s personal news topics.

Under the featured headline the App will show topics of relevance to the headline. The topics of interest could be added to the customized news feed with the Apps “Add to my Topics” feature button.

SEARCH – thebest of the search features in the App makes it very easy to browse and search for the most popular local or national newsfeed.

BREAKING NEWS – will not allow any current happening to be missed out. Be right on top of what’s happening.

With the Apps DRAG and DROP features makes moving of files, text, and images so easy.

With award winning photography, storytelling, and most exciting rich media videos will make USA TODAY App even more interesting guaranteeing its users that they will be fully immersed in the news.

WEATHER – live updates of weather forecasts. Hourly to 10 days are featured. Customized weather news and forecasts as per your preference.

SPORTS – live minute scores updates on most popular MLS, NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL College football and basketball leagues.

RELAXATION – is offered. Engage in daily crossword puzzles, with podcasts from the popular USA TODAY NETWORK.

EASY REFERENCE – make the important news to pop up on the home screen.

Sure, as a breath by now all will be compelled to be convinced that the widest coverage of news will be brought in the most effective, efficient, and personalized manner by USA TODAY APP in the most fitting manner all its users would want to.  Download the App absolutely free and start to enjoy and keep abreast of all the happenings you wish to be in touch with the most accurate information from around!

Download USA Today for Android TV

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