Why choose an agriturismo for your holiday? Here are 5 good reasons

The Agriturismo (farmhouses) in recent years are quite fashionable, ideal for those who want a holiday in contact with nature or for those who want to spend a day out of the way.

A few years ago, the holiday spent within the agriturismo meant cheap living and enjoy in the open air. Guests lived in close contact with country life, and they in return for food and lodging provided manpower to the hosts, thus learning the farmer’s trade.

Today the situation has changed and the holidays in agriturismo have a different robe. More and more comfortable facilities make the stay inviting and comfortable without taking away the charm of outdoor life.

A peculiarity of the agriturismo is linked to their location almost always immersed in the green so as to give a glimpse of enchanting landscapes, scents of nature and everything that mother nature can offer as breathtaking sunsets and sunsets, perhaps near a lake. All this cleverly combined with the comforts of modern life and never forget how important it is to enjoy the table and the authentic and genuine flavors.

The products that are found on the boards of the agriturismo often belong to their cultivations and are skillfully cooked inside the structure following typical local recipes that allow guests to enjoy dishes that have never been tasted before.

Are you still undecided about choosing the best accommodation for your next vacation? That is why choosing an agriturismo might be the right choice in a short list where we will show you the 5 main reasons to choose a farmhouse to enjoy a dream holiday.

  1. 1. Free way to total relaxation: the agriturismo is an escape from the stress of the city and allows you to immerse yourself in the green and reload the energies;
  2. 2. Everyone will feel comfortable: the farm holiday is suitable for all types of tourists. Ideal as romantic getaway for a couple, it is also perfect for large families with children who can discover nature and keep in touch with animals;
  3. 3. The pleasure of good food: Thanks to a holiday in a farm you can eat genuine food, grown in most cases right on the spot and cooked with calm and passion from the owners of the structure;
  4. Always at the center of your interests: thanks to farm holidays you are far away from the city chaos but not too much. If you wish, you can always reach the center of the country to visit museums, to have fun and to visit the most interesting places in the area;
  5. The rooms in this kind of structure are never cold and standardized: in an agriturismo the decor is always cozy and familiar and often the rooms, usually very few, have their own style and are all different for their furnishings and colors.

Agriturismo is also much less impersonal than the one in the hotel. You can say goodbye to the cold self-service. In a warm and welcoming structure like an agriturismo you can talk to the owners, often locals in the area who can advise you the best things to see and the most interesting things to do, maybe have breakfast with a pie or jam prepared by them and you can help them in some daily work. Your children, for example, can learn how to feed animals, milk, harvest fruit, and understand how important nature and respect are for her.